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24 Mar, 2014

I have been quiet for some time due to the awful winter weather and having no internet or phone for a while. Then I went in search of the sun to top up my Vitamin D levels! I’m now back from Spain and excited to announce my new look website! The format has changed somewhat thanks to Dave but its still me.

Over the years I have found that in spite of my training in many different therapies clients all wanted a holistic approach and sometimes didn’t know what treatment or advise they wanted. So now that is what I offer. Each treatment is tailored to the individual depending on what they wish to heal. Sometimes it may be an emotional problem and energy work such as tapping or Reiki would help. Sometimes it’s more physical and even though every part of us is interwoven, the main focus would be on nutritional or homeopathic advise. Very often massage or reflexology is included to de-stress and a guided mediation can be part of that. It is always client led but I usually send someone home with homework to do as no one can heal you but yourself. I can merely guide you and be a willing ear.

I do have lots of knowledge picked up from my own healing journey and that is what I’m passionate about. Passing on the more natural holistic advise that is readily available from nature. I also have a newer price structure. My charges have remained the same for a long time in spite of my training but if you buy a block of treatments either for yourself or as gifts it will be cheaper.

Any feedback is always welcome. I look forward to meeting you.

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