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The Spleen Meridian

3 May, 2017

Energy Tip:

Working with Spleen Meridian

(Page numbers refer to the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.)

Spleen meridian deals with metabolism. Metabolism is often taken for granted, but it is more vital to health than is sometimes recognized. It doesn’t matter if a particular food contains the best nutrients on the good green Earth. If your body can’t metabolize them, can’t break them down to make use of them, they are just another poison your body has to get rid of.

Spleen meridian, however, plays many more roles than just metabolizing what we eat. We usually think of food when we think of metabolism, but Spleen meridian also governs the “metabolism” of, or ability to process, pollutants, environmental energies, stress, shock, and even thoughts and emotions. These are vital functions for our health and sense of well-being.  In addition to governing metabolism, Spleen meridian also plays an important role in the immune system, including the prevention of infections and enhancing their positive ways of protecting and healing the body.

Spleen meridian’s opposite force on the Meridian Flow Wheel (p. 140) is Triple Warmer, which is the other meridian that co-governs the immune system. Because of its central role in the body’s survival, Triple Warmer is always pulling energies from other meridians. But because Triple Warmer pulls from Spleen meridian first (because Spleen is its partner from across the Flow Wheel), depletion of energy on Spleen meridian is almost epidemic. When Spleen meridian is depleted, we don’t have our full vitality, we are more vulnerable to illness, we put on weight that our body doesn’t need, and we are less resilient if we do become ill.

Spleen meridian, along with Stomach meridian, is on Earth Element. Stomach meridian governs worry and life’s everyday stresses. Triple Warmer governs survival-level stress. The fact that Spleen meridian’s two closest partners are affected by stress makes stress a double whammy for Spleen meridian. Conversely, keeping Spleen meridian strong provides both Stomach and Triple Warmer meridians with more resources for dealing with stress more effectively.

Here are some techniques for working with Spleen meridian:Nip An Illness in the Bud: If you’re starting to feel sick, you can give your immune system a quick but potent boost by thumping the Spleen meridian neurolymphatics points (pp. 59, 79-80). Find five additional energy techniques for reversing an illness at onset on p. 25 in the book Energy Medicine.

The Back Scratch: Simply scratching all over your back is a most pleasant way to activate Spleen meridian.

The Spleen Meridian Stretch:

  1. Stretch your arms straight over your head.
  2. Turn your palms forward, grab one wrist, and inhale.
  3. On a slow, deliberate exhalation, lean to the left — stretching your right side.
  4. Repeat, leaning to the right this time.

Sedating Triple Warmer: Because of their relationship on the Meridian Flow Wheel, releasing Triple Warmer sends that energy to Spleen meridian. So another way to strengthen Spleen meridian is to sedate Triple Warmer. Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine details numerous techniques for doing this, but one of the easiest is called “Smoothing Behind the Ears” (pp. 252-53).Another is the triple Warmer Smootie- With your fingers pull across the forehead, push up over the ears, down to the neck, drop your fingers onto your shoulders, push in and drag over the shoulders finishing on the heart chakra. Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. More tips will follow.

(Page numbers refer to the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.) I have just completed Donna’s 5 day intensive which was the first 5 day intensive in Europe. She is an amazing educator, helping people to use energy techniques to keep their energy systems flowing and empowering them to heal themselves.

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