A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

The Rainbow Breath

3 May, 2017

This should be done sitting or standing outside in nature where we can feel most connected to the Earth. It is best done in the morning. Rainbow Breathing recharges, re-balances and harmonises our chakras, strengthens our aura and unleashes our own healing power especially if it is done every day. Remember that Intent is a very powerful use of our minds. ‘Think and so it is.’ (Some amazing research has been done on this by Emeritus Professor William Tiller of Stanford University).

Breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. See or feel each colour flooding your centres. Breathe in, either 3, 7 or 12 times.

Take your focus to your Root Chakra. See or feel a beautiful rich ruby red entering your body, flooding your root chakra which is spinning in a clockwise direction. Imagine the colour filling your whole being, clearing and cleansing. You can make an affirmation at this point that is related to your basic survival and your connection to Mother Earth.

Now focus on your sacral chakra. Mentally see or feel a rich, bright orange. Breathe in this colour and imagine it flooding your sacral chakra, making the chakra spin and pulse. Affirm that your creativity and your love of life will be enhanced by this cleansing.

At your Solar Plexus, see or feel a beautiful, bright spinning sun. Breathe in yellow so that it fills your whole being. With each breath feel yellow filling your whole body spilling out to your aura. This is the chakra of our ego and self-worth.

Next breathe in the healing and balancing colour of green, a beautiful emerald green. See your heart chakra spin and feel your whole being filled with bright green from the soles of your feet to the tips of your fingers and up to your head. Know that you can give and receive love freely.

At the throat chakra see or feel a light blue spinning circle. Flood this centre with pale clear blue like the sky on a sunny, warm day and feel it extend outwards to flood your whole being. This is the centre of your personal truth, your communication centre.

Focus now on your third eye, the space on your forehead above your eyes. See a spinning circle of dark blue. You may also see your own third eye, the window of spiritual vision. Breathe in deep, rich, velvety dark blue and flood your whole being with this colour. Release your fears of seeing the truth and know that you will enhance you intuition and your own inner voice.

At your crown chakra, the centre of your higher self, feel your connection to the Divine. Breathe in a beautiful, majestic violet. With each breathe know that you are safe and loved. Feel and see violet flooding the whole of your being.

Know now that your chakras are clean and bright and are spinning with the appropriate colours. Ground yourself by imagining pure white light which contains all of the colours, enfilling, enfolding and protecting you on this day. Thank God, your Angels and any other Higher Being to whom you are personally connected for their love and protection.


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