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The Quickening and being a Super hero!

8 Aug, 2012

Life is such an adventure and it seems to be moving apace! The last few days have been extraordinary and I have learnt so much from others.

I spent the weekend at the Manor House with Dr Susie Anthony and Dr Jude Currivan exploring the theme of being a Super-Hero. We all need to find the hero within and connect to that aspect of ourselves with love and gratitude. The people there were extraordinary and the energy we shared in community (Come unity) such fun. The language we use is powerful indeed. I met some lovely people who were so open about themselves and shared such deep parts of their souls that it was humbling. The best bit was the dance of abundance. A mum was talking with a friend about abundance and how to manifest it and her small son said “Mum I want to do that bum dance” so that’s what we did and it was so funny. That joy will manifest the same into your life.Try it.Put up the music and dance.Dr Jude Currivan is an amazing teacher and communicator and has achieved so much. She was an inspiration.

The next day I met an extraordinary lady, a new client who exhibits such courage in the face of great physical difficulty. She reminds me of another person I met some years ago on the Silva Method Course who was profoundly disabled but who was a life coach and teacher.This client though was the teacher in spite of the fact that she came to me for healing. She is so positive and joyful and grateful for what life brings to her. She is creative and finds ways to share her gifts with others.That’s the thing. When you live with gratitude and positivity and great love of self, following your bliss, you have cracked it!

The next day I then met 3 lovely older ladies who were all senior citizens. They are collectively called the M and M’s.They know who they are. The ring leader and most senior shows great love and has been a spiritual healer for many years. Our older citizens have so much wisdom to share with us. They just walked into my life, phoning me  after finding an article I wrote interesting! They wanted to come and learn from me!! Really I learnt so much from them. Their humility was …. well humbling. This 85 year old is planning on starting up a spiritual group again and learning about the chakras.

Then we enjoyed talking to a lovely little girl and her mum who had come to collect their glass pieces from an art day they spent here. Such enthusiasm. Finally an evening spent with dear friends who we can laugh with. We heard about how my lovely friend had turned around a very difficult situation at work that could so easily have degenerated into anger and bitterness. Instead she decided to turn it around with a little Love and Light.This is alchemy and magic.

All these people are super heroes in my mind. They are not rich and famous and world shakers and movers but all humble individuals who are choosing to live their lives in Love, gratitude (great attitude) and positivity. And that’s what matters. Each of us playing a small part to help the whole. There’s the rest of the week to go aswell. Who else will I meet to make me smile and inspire me to be better?

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