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The Magic of Wheatgrass

3 May, 2017

© Pam Burn

I have recently been on a juicing/detox week in Turkey with the JuiceMaster™ team. It was a wonderfully healthy and revitalising week. We learnt lots about the nutritional value of foods and about food production and advertising. I was fascinated by Wheatgrass and have summarised information below from Steve Myerowicz’s book “Wheatgrass.”

We are a nation that is overfed but undernourished as seen by the increase in obesity and diseases such as diabetes. Just starting to get the natural vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetables and taking wheatgrass can help in many ways. Also you need to move and exercise in any way that suits you but move every day. Movement is life and brings fresh oxygen to your cells.

Nutritionally grasses (barley, rye, wheat and oat) are a complete food. They contain the greatest number and the greatest variety of life giving elements. They contain hundreds of vitamins, minerals enzymes, amino acids, phyto-chemicals, anti-oxidants, immune-modulators, cellular RNA and DNA.

Like grasses, spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, (from Klamath lake) and bee pollen are wonderful natural foods containing a broad spectrum of concentrated nutrients. These foods give our bodies the raw materials from which it manufactures what it needs and balances its own chemistry. Where basic nutrition is concerned concentrated whole foods make the best supplements.

Wheatgrass has such a balanced source of nutrients. It contains all minerals but is especially high in calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium. It contains all the B vitamins including folic acid, pantothenic acid, an abundance of choline and is a vegetable source of Vitamin B12.

Protein in grass is in the form of poly-peptides that enable faster, more efficient assimilation into the bloodstream and tissues.

The sun is the source of all life on earth. It takes 8 minutes for a photon of light to travel the 93 million miles from the sun to the earth’s surface. A green plant needs only a few seconds to capture the energy, process it and store it in the form of a chemical called chlorophyll. The process of converting light into energy is called photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is concentrated sun power. It increases the functions of the major systems including the heart, vascular system, the intestines, the uterus and the lungs.

Other pigments include carotenoids; vitamin E, (which can help suppress the growth of cancer cells); vitamin K; a new anti-oxidant called 2″O-GIV; and a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging enzyme called SOD (superoxide dismutase) which is also a powerful anti-inflammatory for arthritis, oedema, gout and bursitis.

Freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice is an enzyme soup, its cells dancing with metabolic activity. It is so charged with chi (life force energy) that you can feel it rushing through the body. It is liquid sunshine transformed into nutritive energy. A veritable brew of water, oxygen, enzymes, protein, phyto-chemicals, chlorophyll, carotenoids, fatty acids and trace minerals all rushing to heal and revitalise your body.

Taking grasses is like putting oil in your engine but is not the whole story. Health is a balancing act. When things start to fail, we have made poor choices, (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, junk food, poor hygiene, stress, overwork, poor sleep, air/water pollution, dehydration, emotions that are suppressed etc.) In physical terms this results in cell pollution leading to low energy, fatigue, poor digestion, weight loss/gain, foggy thinking, allergies, headaches, joint pain and eventually major disorders. Our cells lose their life force, organs weaken and toxins settle. The cells darken choking on bacteria, yeast, fungus and toxic acids. They fight to get enough oxygen to live. Finally acidosis, infestation and destruction occur.

Wheat grass will be a powerful ally in your journey towards good health. Fresh field grown grass is nutritionally superior to grass grown indoors in trays and fresh is better than dried. However it is better to be realistic, so choose how best to conveniently integrate taking it into your life. It is better to have the dried version than not to be bothered to take it at all. This has approximately 80% of the nutrients of the fresh squeezed.

Fresh grown and squeezed is a nutritional brew brimming with life force. If you are ill or depleted your cells operate at a low intensity, like a weak battery. To recharge you need the living energy in live squeezed wheatgrass juice.

For serious illness always see a qualified practitioner who may suggest rectal implants, but for general maintenance take 2oz daily. You can mix wheatgrass with other green vegetables such as the juice of celery, parsley, alfalfa sprouts, spinach, kale, dandelion, sunflower sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, pea shoots. Drink on an empty stomach then leave 30 minutes.

Other Applications of wheatgrass:/p>

Full strength strained wheatgrass can be used in the eyes, ears, nose and throat. It reduces inflamed nasal passages and soothes mucous membranes irritated from allergies.

Gargle at the first sign of a cold.

It is great for bleeding gums and gingivitis.

It is great for cuts and bruises, rashes, burns and stings. Dip moist gauze into the powder or juice.

It makes a great facial cleanser.

It has been used for itchy skin, poison ivy, sores boils, cuts as well as colon congestion and cellular hyperacidity.

Use a compress on the back and chest for asthma and bronchitis.

To help with weight loss, take before every meal as it aids digestion as it contains powerful digestive enzymes and helps to cut the appetite.

Use a rectal implant with haemorrhoids.

Put on the skin to heal and soothe eczema and psoriasis.

In short wheatgrass is an electrical elixir, transmitting a charge of energy that arcs across neurons, nerve fibres and energetically enlivens our trillions of cells. From a conventional medical standpoint, it would be considered quackery. But if used as part of a total health revitalisation programme with a commitment to wellness, it is a powerful botanical medicine that enhances and maximises your full healing potential. For many people who have been dismissed by conventional doctors, it can be a wonderful starting point towards regaining health. From a colour therapy point of view, green relates to the heart chakra, physically and emotionally. Mother Nature with all her wonderful shades of healing green, provides everything we need in a synergistic blend of nutrients. It is in front of us and is readily available.

What is fascinating if you have an interest in spiritual matters, is that Wheatgrass was mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls; “Through the lowest of the kingdoms on earth, is a doorway through which we may be regenerated and come towards perfection of being.”


“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.”(Walt Whitman The Song of Myself.)

Scientists have discovered that; green juices increase the oxygenation of the body; purify the blood and organs; aid in the metabolism of nutrients and counteracts acids and toxins. Green juices are the superstars of the nutritional world. (David Sandoval Green Kamut.)

The effect these highly nutritious green drinks are having on all my patients, especially my arthritis patients, is nothing short of amazing….I tell you no matter what your age or present condition, these grass superfoods can quickly take you to a whole new level of radiant health – sparkling eyes, abundant energy, pain free joints and zest for living. (Dr Julian Whitaker MD, Health and Healing Newsletter.)

“We don’t take out what nature puts in.” (Ron Seibold)


“Wheatgrass.” Steve Meyerowicz.


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www.juicemaster.co.uk (supplier)

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