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The Magic of Water

1 May, 2017

Water is essential for all life. Nothing will grow without moisture or without hydrogen and oxygen which we need in our cells, hence the word “hydration.” This is the secret of water. Choose what water will best serve you. Water also serves as a universal solvent to eliminate toxins out of our body and out of our cells. It acts as a messenger through its structure, so that our cells can communicate with each other.

It contains 2 critical elements of life, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen comprises 97% of the universe. All of life depends on a small trickle of electrons from the sun. These are stored in water, live food and Iridium. Water carries hydrogen ions at a pH of 7.2 or less. These hydrogen ions are able to transfer electricity into a living body for its healing effects. It is a good idea to try to eliminate any toxins from the water by distilling or filtering it. In practical terms this isn’t always possible so just be aware that water is a living, structured element. The best water is that which comes straight from the Earth ie from springs. Healing water has many beneficial properties for our health and for healing. It is most structured at 37.5 degrees centigrade. This is the same biological state as us i.e. our cells.

Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist has conducted many experiments that show that water has a memory. He takes water and having put words or intention onto or into it, he then freezes it. After this, he photographs the emerging crystals. In this way he has been able to show that positive, loving words or intentions create the most beautiful, glowing light crystals.

If we then take this a stage further, we know that we are composed of 70% water! Negative words or music, create ugly, dark crystals. He concluded that when geometric crystals are formed, the water is in alignment with the healing frequencies of Nature and life itself.  If this is the case then it follows that we need to purify our water by filling it with love, gratitude and healing vibrations. These beautiful crystals will then flow throughout our bodies, blessing every cell and amplifying our Light.

Another pioneer in this field was Dr Edward Bach who was able to sense the different energies of plants. By immersing them in water and solarising them in the sun, he was able to transfer the healing energies of plants and flowers to the water. This water held the memory of the vibration of the plant. These remedies are wonderful for helping to dispel negative emotions.

In Kabbalistic teachings, water is the Light of God made manifest in the physical plane. So water is incredibly important as an activator for our Light bodies. It is in effect a metaphysical essence. What we drink affects us on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If we want to purify ourselves, then it helps to put in the highest vibration of water possible. Fill your water with blessings, with love and gratitude, or the healing resonances of flowers, plants, crystals, the sun, the moon, colour, music or anything else you are drawn to. This will create a morphic resonance field, that will affect others and also all the water bodies of the planet.

The cosmic healing power of water is known in almost all cultures. If we study water in Nature, we see that rivers energetically transform themselves through spinning motions. Before our culture lost its ability to sense the energy of water, it was always seen as central to shamanistic rituals. Baptism is also another ritual that uses the purification powers of water. The idea of visiting holy shrines and drinking the sacred waters is nothing new. People in many eastern cultures think it is perfectly natural and normal to go to a sacred spring and to purify themselves by washing in and drinking of the water thus eliminating negativity and preparing themselves for festivals, for worship or for personal healing.

Dr Victor Schaumberger, (1885-1958) an Austrian who worked in the forest service and was very connected to Nature, is considered to be the grandfather of our understanding of water in the modern age. Copying Nature, he developed a new level of water technology called water implosion. He taught that water is a living, rhythmic substance. He said it needs to be matured. By his thinking, if water was dammed, diseased or polluted it would create harm to all living things.This principle is also practised in Feng Shui.  Structured water, is water that is moving, swirling and at the same temperature as our bodies. Using a vortex, it causes the water to become denser and to increase in energy. This vortex energy is seen in nature, in tornadoes, hurricanes, dust storms and so on. It can build very strong energies. These energies are imparted into our physical structure when we drink of this special liquid.

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to keep fully hydrated. But why not go one stage further and impart positive, loving energy into your water by blessing it. Then when you drink it that energy will enter every cell in your body helping you to be well and full of light.

©Pam Burn 2010

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