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The Chakras

3 May, 2017

The Energy Systems.


The word Chakra, a Sanskrit word means disc, vortex or wheel. Chakras are energy stations and each energy centre is made up of many layers so that they look like the petals of a flower. The energy or Ki is able to travel into and out of this flower, bringing in nourishment and taking out waste. Problems occur when the energy is unable to flow and there is a blockage.

When we are emotionally upset by things in our life such as stress, bereavement or emotional pain, we close the petals of the chakra and this causes physical problems.

The body is now unable to release the negative energy that is trapped inside and this blocks the flow from chakra to chakra and from chakra to meridian. When we use energy medicine, be it Reiki, Colour Therapy or Infinite Balance, we facilitate the free flow of energy once more, allowing the body to heal itself. The importance of the Chakra system is only starting to be understood in the West, although it has been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years.

There are 7 specific points from the base of the spine to the top of the head. It is generally understood that light and colour move through each chakra and that each chakra can spin clockwise (outwards and enveloping) and counter-clockwise (inward and drawing in other energies.) Half of these seven radiating vortexes are connected to the physical dimensions (are hot/warm, controlled by the left brain, magnetic) and the other half are more spiritual (are cool/cold, invisible, connected to the right side of the brain, electrical). The mid point is connected to the physical and spiritual is neither hot nor cold and is completely balanced. This is our heart centre. Everyone’s chakra system is as unique to them as their fingerprints. The chakras also correspond to emotions, elements, colours, body functions, sounds, and much more.


This energy power house of rich ruby red, sits at the base of the spine or the perineum point and its energies move to the front of the body, spinning over the pelvis and sexual organs. It exerts its influence both up the body, carrying the life force and down the legs, providing support.

The root chakra is the receiver for the Earth’s subtle energies keeping us connected and literally “grounded”. Action is a root chakra word. It is the level of physical survival and physical pleasure. We come from the root chakra of our mothers and so it relates to our sense of tribe or family. Here our sexuality is for pleasure and for the passing on of our DNA. It is also tied to the elimination system, eliminating toxins from our bodies and aiding with our survival. When it is balanced we feel secure, fully present and connected.

If there is an imbalance in our root chakra, we may manifest illnesses of the elimination system such as constipation. We can experience depression and not want to be in the world, have suicidal impulses, feel insecure or ungrounded. Problems with the skeletal system can cause lower back pain. We may overwork, experience tiredness and stress or develop an inability to accept pleasure from the body or senses.


This rich orange chakra rules the whole pelvic region. Related to water it is responsible for the ebb and flow of your emotions and feelings. Sensuality and sexuality are experienced here in terms of relationships, intimacy, sharing and trust. The genitals, womb, ovaries, testes, prostate, bladder and kidneys are water related body parts. Nourishment is also associated with this chakra since it is connected to the spleen, intestines and lower digestive system and it is here we absorb our food. We nourish ourselves here physically and emotionally.

It is from here that we enjoy self-esteem, confidence and emotional stability. Creativity springs from this centre also. When balanced, we feel sexually fulfilled and have the ability to accept change without resistance,“to go with the flow.” Imbalances here can cause kidney problems including cystitis, fibroids and gynaecological problems, muscular spasms, back pain, low self- esteem and neglect of self.


This is a beautiful sunny yellow below the breast bone or sternum. The solar plexus is the body’s powerhouse or inner sun. It provides us with warmth, enthusiasm, passion and inner power. Digestion is the main purpose of this chakra and it is ruled by fire energy. In our stomachs fiery hydrocloric acid transforms our food making it digestible. Here we also have the gall bladder, pancreas, and the liver which is the body’s largest organ. Physically it filters toxins, stores nutrients and is one of the most overworked and abused organs. Energetically it can store toxic emotions such as anger, fear or shame.

Psychologically this chakra is responsible for digesting emotions and is the force behind our will. If we let others control or sap our power we can lose energy from this space. When balanced we feel in our power, protected, energetic and spontaneous. However this centre is the origin of much imbalance and disease. How often do put our hands on our stomachs when we feel upset or vulnerable? Disease often has an emotional cause and ailments here include any digestive problems such as heartburn and ulcers as well as food allergies, diabetes, gall stones or hepatitis. Fevers, skin rashes and exhaustion are common complaints and the fire energy needs to be countered and balanced.

From this physical chakra we now ascend to the first of the universal chakras. This is an important place of transition.


The heart centre is the bridge between the higher more mental, or spiritual and the lower physical chakras. It is visualised as a clear green, located at the sternum. Here we feel not only romantic love and love for our families but also self-love and divine, unconditional love. The heart chakra relates to air energy. Physically it powers our physical heart, our lungs and respiratory diaphragm, our circulatory system, thymus and our immune system. Every breath you take draws the life force into every cell in your body and maintains your life.

Green is the most balanced colour and is neither hot nor cold. It is the colour of new growth and abounds in nature. Appreciation of Mother Earth can expand and open this centre. Here the emotions are more subtle. Heart chakra love asks for nothing in return unlike the love of the sacral centre, which has expectations. Love and honouring ourselves is hugely important too. Here pink can help. When in balance here, we feel compassion, peace, unity and are deeply centred. Unbalanced energy here can give rise to heart/circulatory conditions such as high blood pressure, lung problems such as asthma/allergies, fatigue, breast cancer, bronchial pneumonia and immune disorders. There is a saying that “The heart never attacked anyone. We attack the heart.” Heart/breast problems often mean we are forced to stop and listen to ourselves and make changes in our lives.


Some people believe that there now exists a higher heart chakra situated over the thymus. With the dawning of the Aquarian age, we are moving into an era of unconditional love and acceptance. This chakra acts as a bridge between our hearts and throats and helps with pure communication of unconditional love. It has humanitarian qualities and promotes our feelings of peace, serenity and patience. Physically it supports the immune system and when balanced is an area of transition. Unbalanced energy here could find us blaming others instead of looking within. It is a beautiful blue/green or aqua colour.


At the throat centre we express ourselves and our needs. It is our communication centre. True communication involves not just speaking but also listening. We need to receive information as well as send it out. It is a vibrant blue, the colour of the sky. Like the sky it can be clear and bright or cloudy and heavy. We need to speak our truth and express our authentic selves.

Physically it corresponds to sound and hearing, relating to our vocal mechanisms, our mouths, tongues, teeth and ears. Ailments include sore throats, colds, loss of voice, thyroid problems, mouth ulcers, teeth and gum conditions, headaches, ear infections and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. It is also an area of creativity, for bringing our thoughts and ideas into being through art, music or poetry. It is related to the element of ether.


This centre is called our third eye because we see with our inner vision as well as our outer vision. It is located above and between our eyebrows in the centre of our foreheads. It is related to light, intuition and inner wisdom. Physically it corresponds to the pineal gland. It is a powerful psychic centre. When these gifts are used wisely we will advance on our spiritual journey.

Balancing the energy of this chakra, helps to balance the right hemisphere (creative, intuitive) with the left hemisphere (logical, rational) of our brains. It is a deep midnight blue or indigo colour, a mystical colour. When unbalanced ailments include, learning difficulties, dyslexia, blindness, deafness, pain, brain tumours, insomnia, migraines and mental exhaustion. This is the seat of the mind. We can’t have a mindectomy but we can use our minds to think in positive, creative ways rather than negative ways.


The crown chakra is visualised as a dazzling pure white or violet light at the top of the head where the skull bones meet. It is the chakra of spiritual connection to the Divine and it regulates all the other chakras in the same way as its gland, the pituitary regulates all the other physical glands of the body. The brain is the body’s control centre.

Through the crown centre we are connected to pure spirit and this subtle energy flows through us giving us life. Here we are also connected to the collective consciousness and our higher selves (or soul). If this centre is blocked we can feel alienated and empty, longing for a connection to nature or our creator. We may feel a lack of direction in life or of belonging. Many disorders of the nervous system such as Alzheimer’s, paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis may stem from an imbalance here. Balance brings us knowledge, understanding and a spiritual home.

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