A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

Love and Gratitude

Prayer of Gratitude

May you be filled with Light, Love and Gratitude! May your brilliance be reflected in the eyes of all you meet. May the blessings of Life be felt in thought, word and deed.

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The Quickening and being a Super hero!

Life is such an adventure and it seems to be moving apace! The last few days have been extraordinary and I have learnt so much from others. I spent the weekend at the Manor House with Dr Susie Anthony and Dr Jude Currivan exploring the theme of being a Super-Hero. We...

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What is Beauty?

I have come across some beautiful words written by the beautiful Audrey Hepburn just before she died and thought it was worth putting them in my Articles under Love and Gratitude. We must remember that we are all beautiful whatever shape or size, race or creed we are....

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Live a Life you Love.

Came across a really good article by someone called Apollo Pampallis (great name!) from Athens who wrote beautifully about doing what you love in life. Any motivation should be passion and a genuine love of what you do. This way a job is not really a job but a way of...

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