A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.


Simple Herbal Preparations – Try It Yourself!

Making your own herbal preparations is not only fun, but can be acost-effective way to use the healing power of herbs for both yourmind and body. Some of these herbal concoctions do require acertain degree of time and skill, but there are lots of simple remediesyou can make yourself, including teas, syrups, and tinctures. Youmay need to do a bit of research to know which are herbs are mosteffective for your ailments, but soon you’ll be on your way to makingyour own herbal preparations with…

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Herbal Recipes

Making your own herbal products is easy and rewarding. It is apractical way to avoid harmful substances and it helps to contributeto a healthier world. You will need to make some allowances forthe fact that these are homemade products.

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Art in the Garden

When we open this weekend we will be exhibiting some beautiful and affordable glass pieces. My husband Rodney makes pieces by fusing glass that look contemporary. I have also made some lovely hanging glass pendants which catch the light. Our friend Richard Jack who is...

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NGS Tilford Cottage Garden Opening

We are opening the garden this weekend for the NGS. I'm praying the weather will be good and we get lots of visitors as so much hard work has gone into making the garden look wonderful. Mother nature has done all the real hard work of course but it needs a custodian...

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A Bereavment in my family. When you lose your mum.

Its been quite a start to the New Year. After all the hype of 21st December we entered 2013 with some trepidation. All my plans to write more often were twarted by the flu and then my intentions to detox were twarted by the many important birthdays I have in january....

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Great grounding Tip

A Quick Physical Grounding Technique What exactly does being grounded mean? An electrical device is grounded when it is connected to the ground in a way that allows excess energy to leave the system. We are physically grounded when we can feel our connection to the...

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Christmas Gift Vouchers.

Its that time of year again! Why not beat the christmas madness and buy your friends and loved ones the gift of rest and relaxation. The offer this year is: 4 hours for £120. This gives you a saving of £20. Give some as gifts and have a lovely treatment yourself to...

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Happy Easter from Colourenergyworks.

Happy Easter to all my clients past and present. Hoping the easter bunny brought you many easter eggs! Also just to remind you that I'm having a Reiki share on 19th April at 7.30. If you haven't been before do come and enjoy a free treatment if you have already been...

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Spring Energy Tip. Expel the Venom

Energy Tip: Balance the Rhythm of Spring Expel the Venom! The energy of spring is about manifestation and moving forward.  Spring is a great time to rid yourself of anything that holds you back.  In the olden days, people ate bitter greens to help remove toxins that...

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Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy Farnham

I have just completed 3 weeks of intensive training in Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy and can now offer readings as a Theta Healing Therapist. It can help you to take responsibility for your own healing and get to the root cause of what underlies your problem....

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