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Spiritual Mentoring with Pam Burn at Colourenergyworks

9 Jan, 2019

Recently I seem to be encountering clients and friends with deep emotional wounds. Sometimes these are from illness or sometimes from emotional abuse within close relationships. I always lend a non judgemental listening ear to help the energy of strong emotions decompress. I also like to give practical ways to heal those wounds and ways to ease towards forgiveness (of others or the self) or deal with the negative emotions (our judgement!) of anger, fear, anxiety. Sometimes the session incorporates talking, meditation, Reiki and massage using colour, crystals, essences and essential oils to soothe the soul and uncover and bring to the surface suppressed emotions. Sometimes these are so deeply hidden that it can take time to bring to consciousness. Homeopathy and some shamanic techniques can also be used. It is difficult for me to describe a typical session as each one of us is unique, with unique DNA, patterns, conditioning, life experiences, spiritual beliefs, cellular memory etc. The energetic imprints are infinite.

I come to helping and mentoring someone heal from an energetic perspective. For the sake of clarity I am not a psychologist or counsellor in the traditional sense although I have studied counselling techniques. I would describe myself as an archetypal “Wounded Healer” and an energy healer although I don’t heal you, you heal yourself with me as your guide and mentor. I have encountered and directly experienced childhood sexual abuse, rape, emotional and physical abuse, relationship abuse, physical trauma, grief, bereavement, shock, medical trauma and so can be very empathic with these complex issues.

Over the past 16 years I have learnt and used daily, many different techniques to change my health and my life and to bring issues to the surface to be looked at and healed.  I am in a very positive and happy place in my life and know that all I have gone through has helped me to be non judgemental with my clients. I also like to give very practical tools that someone can take away with them to use in their daily lives. These could be the taking of

homeopathic remedies,

Learning EFT or tapping for emotional release,

suggested crystals to uncover blocks,

sound or colour to balance chakras,

meditation techniques to help still the mind,

Journalling to understand dreams and messages from our inner wisdom,

meeting spiritual guides and developing a relationship with them,

nutrition and detox cleansing techniques to help with pain, congestion and toxicity

essences including Bach remedies to heal emotions,

The Giveaway technique for healing anger,

positive ways to deal with negative emotions,

a meditative journeying to give answers and inner guidance,

muscle testing for many different answers,

energy medicine for greater flow,

Light and colour for physical mental and emotional healing,

grounding techniques,

beginning a daily practice of gratitude,

The Huna Ho’opono’pono practice

The list could go on. There are infinite variations. I would love to help you. I have a wealth of experience and I know what has worked for me. Please call me to discuss and to book in.



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