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Space Clearing and Feng Shui of your home or office. Tilford, Farnham

26 Jul, 2017

I was recently called to space clear a home of a client who had endured a spate of negative experiences including a car accident, arguments with neighbours, legal issues, money issues and ill health. Just as we seek to find balance and harmony in our physical bodies so too do we need to do this is our living/working environments. This is all energy work. Balancing and harmonising our environment can affect our outer experience of life too, even our health! sometimes negative energy lines or electromagnetic stress can harm us without our awareness or when we sleep when we are particularly vulnerable.

Using more modern techniques of sensing what is going on energetically and using the road map of the Bagua map we can seek to bring the 5 elements of a space into greater flow and balance creating better chi and positivity. It can be an ongoing process as you gain in awareness of your home and use the clues of what is happening in your life to see what is happening. Sometimes it can be overwhelming as in this case but small changes can make a big difference.

Space clearing involves the use of incense and sound to clear out old negative or stuck energy. Rather like a physical detox! I use drums and a beautiful priests bell I bought in Bali that was specially made for me. I had another bell but that was smashed when I used it on a client (that's another story). Then small altars are made incorporating fresh flowers and candles and essential oils to set an intention. The overall plan of the home is looked at and dowsing rods are used to uncover the hidden negative energies. In this case, an old well was under the floorboards in the health and family area and under the wealth and prosperity area. Remedies were put in place to balance the drain effect of the water using earthy stones and crystals. The energetic effect was immediate. Many other remedies were suggested in pockets of negative energy and hopefully these will have a profound effect.

If you would like a home visit to learn more about energy flows in your home please contact me. An initial consultation is for 2 hours at £100 and follow ups at £45 per hour plus travelling expenses. I'm also considering running a Feng Shui course over 4 weeks to teach how you can enhance and balance your home or office to create greater flow and harmony in every aspect of your life. Please let me know if you are interested.

Tel 07889200061.

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