A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

Snow, snow, snow!

1 Dec, 2010

Yes, once more we are snowed in. Sitting here by the lovely log fire I can clearly remember the same thing happening last year. How time flies! It really seems to be speeding up, so all the more reason to appreciate every moment and live in the now. That way you do not waste time worrying about what might be, wishing your life away living for the future or dwelling in the past which is no more. Just snuggle in and enjoy the enforced rest. Do some things you have been putting off or simply sit and watch the flames. How often do we do nothing? I for instance am writing this having spent the day cleaning out cupboards, filing long overdue correspondance and generally decluttering before the Christmas maddness. I must take my own advice so tomorrow after writing my christmas cards I will sit down and day dream for a while imagining all the wonderful things that await me in the new year.

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