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Random Acts of Kindness.

9 Nov, 2010

I have just put up some new stories and poems in Articles under Inspirational Stories, that remind us that the small kindness we show to someone else can have a huge impact. We can smile at someone in the supermarket or help an old lady reach something on the top shelf and this small act can have  huge consequences. How do we really know what someone else is feeling or what they may have to face up to in their lives? Like all of us I have made the sad mistake of judging someone who is grumpy or got cross with the sullen shop assistant. Yet they may be struggling with a difficult personal life, a violent partner or have a serious illness like the old lady in The Cab ride. We can make a swift judgement of the neighbour we see staggering up to their front door and label them a drunk or a druggie, but what if in reality they are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis? Why not try to help them instead. You may even make a new friend! Remember too, “What we sew so we reap. ” Maybe one day the kindness will come back to you in your hour of need!

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