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Preparing for winter. Making a natural Antibiotic.

28 Aug, 2020


Natural Antibiotic Fire Cider.

This is a preparation I make every year. It uses many powerful roots and substances from nature all in one pot. My husband makes apple cider vinegar from our apples here in http://tilfordcottagegarden.co.uk. The use of a mother allows it to ferment into a powerful vinegar that we use in numerous ways. We use it for dressings, we put it into smoothies, and we use it in bone broths. All of these things help our guts to heal and to function normally. It also helps if you have low stomach acid, which is something that can happen as we get older. (We can lose our inner fire at the solar plexus if we do not manage our energies.) This concoction helps us with our inner Fire. It is a preventative and curative tonic helping us to combat pain. It helps to prevent viral,  fungal and bacterial infections. It sooths coughs and colds and helps prevent them from infecting us. It helps with any digestive disorders, fevers, influenza. It can aid circulation as well as kill nasty parasites.

(Please be sensible. Do not take this as a cure all and if you have a compromised immune system or are on pharmaceutical medications do seek help from your Doctor. Young children may not like the taste so try to make it more palatable by adding extra honey. If you are pregnant follow your own intuition.)


Amounts don’t matter too much Use what you have. We are fortunate in that we grow a lot of these roots. You can see how powerful this combo is. And the smell will hit you!

A litre of Apple cider vinegar with the mother

Grated ginger (I also juice some)

Grated beetroot ( also juice some)

Chopped garlic (also juice)

Chopped onion

Grated horseradish

Grated turmeric (also juice)

Black pepper

Chopped chilis or cayenne

Manuka honey

Melted cold pressed coconut oil

Lemon cut into quarters plus the zest

Any herbs to hand. I used sage, parsley, rosemary and thyme.

Sterilise the jars. Divide all the ingredients equally and top with the apple cider vinegar. Put the tops on and shake well. Store in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. Shake well. You can take a spoonful every day. If you feel a sniffle coming on gargle with the concoction and swallow. It is best taken on an empty stomach.

For other natural ways to stay healthy with natural ingredients from Mother Earth buy my book on herbal remedies. Please contact me 07889200061.







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