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Healing first aid kit for Winter

21 Feb, 2016

I’m putting together a kit for my grown up kids who have both suffered with flu this year and who realise now that proprietry drugs you buy from the pharmacy simply suppress symptoms and don’t support your body to ” heal” Dr mercolas site is an amazing resource but I also recommend the following sites.

For supplements prime directive from safe remedies, Life drink from Terra Nova, supplements from Robert Redfern

Herbs from the amazing Alan Hopking and Herb active and Tonic herbs from Lionhearted herbs.

Creams and lotions from Neals Yard. Also aromatherapy oils

Homeopathy from Helios.

More and more research is emerging that bacteria and virus’ are becoming resistant to antibiotics. They mutate and are intelligent. Building a strong immune system is becoming more important. Don’t suppress symptoms. Or they will emerge elsewhere in the body. Build using natural foods and herbs. When I’ve compiled specific things to get for your own home pharmacy I will repost.


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