A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

Happy New Year

28 Dec, 2010

Wishing all readers and clients a very Happy and healthy and prosperous 2011. Let’s hope that it is a memorable year and that it brings everything that you all wish for.

This time of year is usually a time for some introspection. A time of thinking about the past year and what we may have learnt from it and a time to think about what we would like to invite into our lives. There is a lot of talk about manifesting with the Book “The Secret” but I would suggest that you keep things simple. I wish for an abundance of all things positive in my life. An abundance of joy, health, vitality, fun, love, gratitude, friendship, prosperity. I wish the same for all of you.The more prescriptive you are the more doors you shut. Keep it simple!

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