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Grounding and the Root Chakra

18 Sep, 2012

I see many clients who are very ungrounded these days. Myself included at times. It doesn't matter how spiritual you are or how normal you are. we are all going through various patterns of clearing. If we are too much up in the head or overly emotional we will be out of balance. it i hard to remail in harmony during these intense times! I have written the article her to help us all find practical ways to stay down to Earth.

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RED: A Dissertation on The Root Chakra ©Pam Burn 2012

Ways to bring red into your life.

Name :


Meaning :

Root, support, foundation

Symbol :


Location :


Colour :


Element :


Quality :


Gland : Adrenals
Saying :

Perceive, believe, achieve.

Day: Tuesday
Time of Day:


PHYSICAL AILMENTS: Lower back pain,

haemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, knee problems, obesity, addictive

behaviour, depression, testicular problems. The denser parts of the body such

as the bones, the spine, the legs, and the knees , Red blood cells and the

colon, (large intestine).

KEY WORDS: family, identity, bonding, loyalty, grounding,

power, foundations, self-awareness, courage, survival, passion, life-purpose,

perseverance, heat, action, survival, procreation.

RED grounds us to Mother Earth and also to all the

groups that support our life such as family, friends, ethnicity, gangs,

religious affiliations, social class.

It is the most stimulating colour and it has the

longest wavelength and the lowest frequency. Its energy is immediate and

spontaneous. It raises blood pressure and increases circulation. It builds up

blood cell and strengthens stamina. It stimulates appetite and has an effect on

the bowels, pelvis, legs, hips, joints and base of spine. It feeds the muscular

system and energises. Red releases adrenaline into the system. It is the colour

of war and the sexual dance. It is the colour of birth, life and death. It is

the essence of life.

Red boosts your physical vitality, your sex drive

or your enthusiasm for life. It helps you to find the courage and spirit of

adventure to commit to a person or project. It helps you to express hidden anger

or frustration in a healthy way and protects you from others negativity. It

helps with anxieties about money and gain increased fulfilment in business or

work. It helps you to feel at home in the world, gaining a stronger sense of

where you belong. It helps with difficult circumstances in your life and helps

you to find creative ways to alter future experiences. Learn to say “no.”

According to Hebrew tradition the name of Adam the

first man, means “red” or “alive” and still today, in some Slavic languages red

denotes “living” or “beautiful.” To the ancient Egyptians, red was the colour

of Ra, the sun God, and in later Roman times it was linked to Mars, the God of

war. To this day red is still associated with war; red and black were adopted

as the colours of the Russian Revolution and later in the 1930’s by the Nazis

in Germany.







Physically active















Practical resentful

















Use for problems of the lower body from the base

of spine to the feet. Circulation problems, reproductive problems such as

impotence and frigidity .It helps to: awaken libido; stimulate adrenal glands;

stimulate the nervous system; for blood and cell rejuvenation and regeneration;

strengthens bones; helps with tiredness, depression, lethargy, coldness,

stress, wounds, poor circulation, cramp, anaemia, viral and bacterial


Contra-indications: When in doubt leave red out.

Should not be used for asthma, high blood pressure, hypertension,

hyperactivity, heart disease, insomnia or when bleeding as it is too

stimulating. It is not a good colour to use with the eyes, especially if

someone is suffering with eyestrain.


As red as fire, As red as Mars, The Red Army

Red pestilence, Caught red handed, Red or Dead

Red rag to a bull, Seeing red, Red Alert

Caught red handed, Red light district

Roll out the red carpet, Scarlet woman.

When we are grounded we know that:

We have a leg to stand on

We can put our back into it

We can stand on our own two feet

We are willing to stand up for what we believe in

We are not afraid to stand up for ourselves.

These popular sayings express balanced root chakra

energy when someone is down to earth and not afraid to get things done.


Red Cross

The Square, which represents strong foundations

and solidity. The four corners symbolise the four directions, north, south,

east, west. We can move in any direction from a strong foundation.




Red flowers have traditionally meant love of a

physical nature. Pink flowers are associated with a higher love and affection.

Someone who is grieving will appreciate a gift of deep pink flowers which sends

out a powerful message of universal love and tenderness.

Scarlet poppies for consolation.

Red roses for love and passion.

Red tulips are a declaration of love.

Red nasturtiums are for patriotism.

Pink carnations are for deep love.

Red hot poker, peonies, gladioli.

Use these to enhance your environment. Flowers

uplift the spirit and pervade the home with their colour and perfume.

(Suzy Chiazzari)


Listen to strongly rhythmic music that uses drums

and bass. Dance along stamping and moving in a sensual and rhythmic way. Music

is healing and sound can cause changes in our bodies. Recent research has shown

that classical music has tangible medical benefits. Now doctors say that

classical music could be used instead of drugs to reduce heart rate and blood

pressure. Faster music speeds up breathing, circulation and heart rate so

listen to classical music such as Beethoven (slow) or Vivaldi (fast) or

Mozart’s Hallellujia Chorus which is very uplifting. Listening to it cleanses

and balances the chakras.



Place pure spring water in a red glass container,

cover and place it in the sun for a couple of hours before storing it in the

fridge. In winter leave all day. This method can also energise oils. Drink the

water when you feel tired or lethargic. Red solarised water is particularly

good for sciatica and to activate the nerves and blood. One glassful between

meals is good for anaemia. It will raise the blood pressure. It is better to

take it in the mornings as it is energising. Do not use if you are angry or have

heart problems, varicose veins or skin rashes.

(June McLeod)


OILS Use in the bath or in a burner. These can also

be mixed with a base oil for massage.


Black Pepper: This is one of the oldest known

spices. It has hot stimulating effect. It dilates blood vessels making it good

for muscular aches and pains and as an aid for digestion.

Rosemary: A penetrating and stimulating oil with

many uses. Its stimulating effect works on the physical and mental levels.

Cedarwood: This has a long history of use by the

Egyptians. It has a composing effect when inhaled and is good for stress.

Red clover:

Rose : This is an excellent oil for purification

on both physical and emotional levels. It is considered to be the Queen of


Geranium: This has a stimulating effect on the

lymphatic system and is useful for skin conditions. It balances extremes

whether on the physical or emotional level.

Red cinnamon: This should be used with care and

can irritate the skin. It blends well with orange and clove oil for use in a


(Christine Westwood)



Bach classified all emotional problems into 7

major groups: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present

circumstances, loneliness, over-sensitivity, despondency or despair and

over-care for the welfare of others. Thirty-eight remedies were made. A few

drops of the remedy are taken when needed. Flower essences contain light

vibrations, the strength of which depends on the colour of the flower. The

essences also reflect the different colour frequencies that relate to the state

of mind being treated.


Mind State Essences

Red/Green Uncertainty


Hornbeam/Wild Oat
Pink/Green Loneliness Water


(Suzy Chiazzari)





with the Red Ray, for the Root Chakra.


Indications: for those; who feel

lost and unconnected; spacey and ungrounded; who have a sense of not belonging;

who lack vitality and a zest for life; who drift aimlessly always searching for

something more in life.


Effects: fosters a feeling of belonging and connection to all around them;

promotes security and attachment; helps develop an awareness of our connection

to the natural realms; helps to bring about a new zest for all that life has to

offer; promotes courage and determination; balances the yin and yang or the

male and female aspects of ourselves, grounds and connects you to Mother Earth



With Red, I have the courage and strength to

realize my ambitions.

With Red, I am

grounded, secure, and in touch with reality.


Red, I ignite my loving relationships with passion and vitality knowing in turn

that I am safe, secure and loved.


Red, I increase my enthusiasm, optimism and zest for life.


Red, I have the energy and confidence to face whatever comes my way.




795423 07889200061 for how to purchase. Cost £8plus p and p.


These can be held worn or placed in the home or

work place. Remember to cleanse and programme them.

RUBY; energises and balances but may

over-stimulate bringing up anger. Shields against psychic attack and promotes

positive dreams. Helps us to retain wealth and passion. Detoxifies body and

blood and treats fevers and restricted blood flow. Aids survival issues.

GARNET: energises and revitalises, balancing

energy and bringing serenity. Inspires love. Treats spinal and cellular

disorders, blood , heart and lungs: regenerates DNA. Aids assimilation of

vitamins and minerals. Enhances sexuality and controls unreasonable anger

especially that directed to yourself.

RED JASPER: grounds energy and rectifies unjust

situations. A stone of health. Strengthens circulatory system. Connected to the

root chakra it aids in re-birthing.

RED SARDONYX: a stimulating stone. Increases

strength and protection and stamina and vigour. May bring lasting happiness in

marriage. It attracts friends and lifts depression. It heals lungs and bones.

CUPRITE: stimulates root chakra, grounds energy

and revitalises physical energy. Aids heart and blood, muscular system and

skeletal system and aids metabolic imbalances.

AVENTURINE: Enhances creativity and balance

male/female energies. Balances blood pressure.

CARNELIAN: Is strongly attuned to earth. It makes

you feel comfortable in your surroundings – like having an anchor into the

physical world Helps a weak voice. Removes fear of death. Motivates success in

business; aids positive life choices; dispels apathy. Protects against rage and

resentment. Influences female reproductive organs, increasing re-productivity. Heals

lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis and depression. It facilitates

direction and control of your life.

RED JADE; associated with love, releases tension.

Aids constuctive expression of anger.

RED CELESTITE: brings balance and alignment.

RED FLUORITE: protective stone. Aids physical and

mental co-ordination, counteracting mental disorder. Grounds and integrates

spiritual energies. Rekindles sexual libido. Benefits teeth cells and bones.

Repairs DNA damage.

RED TOURMALINE: cleanses and purifies. Ground and

clears chakras and forms a protective shield. It releases tension and aligns

the spine. Attracts inspiration, compassion and tolerance.

RED LEPIDOLITE: A stone of transition releasing

end reorganising old patterns and inducing change. Protects against

electro-magnetic pollution.

HEMATITE: aids people who haven’t got their feet

on the ground. It sorts out issues making it possible to move ahead. It

dissolves negative energy and forms positive energy.

ROSE QUARTZ : Calms and reassures. Aids positive

affirmations for self-trust and self-worth. Teaches how to love oneself and

aids forgiveness and acceptance. Aids physical heart and circulation. Increases

fertility. Soothes burns and blisters. It helps muscles relax.

(Judy Hall)



Saying these regularly, will raise your vibration

and will bring more of the colour into your life. They displace negativity and

prevent your mind from wandering. These positive statements will feed and

nourish your body. You can make your own up but here are some suggestions:

Red will boost my enthusiasm for life.

Red will help me to find the courage to live life

to the full and to be adventurous.

Red will protect me when I feel vulnerable.

Red will help me to discover my life’s purpose.

I am brimming with red energy and am connected to

Mother Earth.

The rose pink ray is flowing through my veins

giving me strength and courage and filling me with God’s love.

Ruby rays are flowing up through my feet and legs

filling me with radiant energy and strength.

I am part of the living universe. I acknowledge my

connection to all living things.

I am fully alive and here in my body. I have

everything I need.

(Suzy Chizziari)


With Red, I have the courage

and strength to realize my ambitions


With Red, I am grounded,

secure, and in touch with reality


With Red, I ignite my loving

relationships with passion and vitality


With Red, I increase my

enthusiasm, optimism and zest for life


With Red, I have the energy

and confidence to face whatever comes my way.

(Pam Burn)



You are a born leader with a spirit for

adventure, You are passionate about many things but must be careful not to use

your energy to excess. You tend to dive into things feet first, which can

sometimes leave you in hot water. You love movement and change and to be seen

and recognised for your efforts at work. You have huge amounts of energy for

projects and interests that you feel passionately about. Your strong will can

sometimes be used to dominate others, so be careful; channel your energies for

the highest good. Initial bursts of passion and energy can lead to burn out, so

focus on seeing projects through to completion.

Negative Red can be domineering,

aggressive, insensitive, self-centred, impatient and sexually deviant as

typified by Christian Grey!.


in a person's aura indicates fighters, reformers, leaders, explorers. Soldiers,

pioneers, leaders of movements and entrepreneurs relate to the red ray.



Answer these questions to gauge how your root

chakra is functioning.

  1. Do you feel disconnected

    to your body, as if you aren’t quite in it?

  2. Do you feel insecure and


  3. Do you have low energy

    levels, often feeling tired, exhausted or weary for no real reason?

  4. Are you either very

    overweight or very underweight?

  5. Do you “escape” through

    alcohol, drugs or food?

  6. Did you have a trauma

    between conception and the age of 5?

  7. Do you suffer from

    disorders of the bowel or intestines; problems with bones or teeth; eating

    disorders; problems with legs, feet, knees, base of spine and buttocks?

The more yes answers you have, the more likely you

are to have an imbalance.

Try to reconnect with your body. Choose a sport or

activity you enjoy such as dance, aerobics, running, swimming, dance. Yoga is

also good, as it heals and balances all the chakras. Gardening and pottery are

also good grounding exercises. Art Therapy is fun and healing also.

(Alla Svirinskaya)


© 2005 Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.


electrical device is “grounded” when it is connected to the ground in a way

that allows excess energy to leave the system.

We are


    feel our connection with the Earth and carry ourselves (posture, movement,

    awareness) in a manner that is in harmony with the Earth’s gravitational



    energies and emotions move through our physically-grounded body freely and

    are wholesomely discharged through our cells, our breath, our thoughts,

    & our actions.


    physically-grounded body and an emotionally-grounded mind are in harmony

    & alignment with one another and with “spirit” (the animating force

    within living things).

Techniques that align your energies with the force field of the

Earth and allow your energies and feelings to move freely through your body:

  • “Separating Heaven &

    Earth”/“Connecting Heaven & Earth”

  • The 3rd-Eye/Navel


  • “Taking Down the Flames”
  • “Expelling the Venom.” Follow with a slow and deliberate

    “Zip-Up” that ends by reaching up to the heavens and circling your arms

    down until they hang at your sides.

  • With your hands on your thighs,

    smooth your hands down your legs

  • The “Wayne Cook Posture”
  • The “Three Thumps”


Quick “Physical” Grounding Technique

  1. Do a 3rd-Eye/Navel


  2. Place your hands at the sides of

    your waist (at the Belt Flow)

  3. With your thumb in the front and

    fingers toward the back, slide your hands slowly and firmly down your legs

  4. When you get to your feet, squeeze

    at the sides of your feet

  5. End by tracing up the spleen


(Energy Medicine Donna Eden)




All foods have a vibrational alignment to the 7

main chakras and their colours and these colours reflect the spectrum of the

rainbow. Different coloured foods are specific for energising, balancing and

healing their corresponding colour related chakras. Each colour food energises,

cleanses, builds, heals and re-balances the glands, organs and nerve centres

associated with its colour related chakra. The purpose of the rainbow diet is

to help balance, on a regular daily basis, each individual chakra and the

chakra system as a whole. If we think of plant food as condensed, coloured

sunlight, we get a better feeling of the principles behind this approach. The

colour of a food is its signature. As we become sensitive to Nature’s efforts

to communicate to us through her beautiful colours, we begin to develop a

sensitivity to the particular food colours we are drawn to on a specific day as

a key to what food energies and nutrients we need to balance our bodies. Red

food is used for people with low vitality, which fits with low energy in the

first chakra. Red foods are also used to treat people with anaemia or a

deficiency in the blood vitality. For example rose hips, which are red, are

high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for building and maintaining the

connective tissue we need for locomotion, heart muscle tone, ligament function,

blood vessel integrity and a adrenal function. The adrenals, which energise our

fight or flight response, have the highest amount of vitamin C in the body. Our

muscle system supplies the locomotion for survival. The first chakra, red in

colour is linked to these survival organ and gland systems.

All of the chakras must be nourished so the

rainbow diet calls for the full spectrum of foods. Sometimes however we can use

a single colour of food, for a short period of time to energise a specifically

weakened chakra. Generally the Rainbow diet is a whole-person, full chakra

approach to nutrition. Be sensible though, red sweets are not the same as a red

apple! Remember that food is our fuel. It too holds a subtle energy so try to

eat fresh, pure, organic food. Good food is fresh, local, seasonal and safe. Work

with nature. Nature is clever: cooling salads in the summer; hearty root

vegetables in winter when we need warmth and bulk. Use whole grains and

sprouted seeds and pulses. A little lean, organic meat is fine in moderation.

Fish is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Wash fruit and vegetables

in salted water. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol and drink 2 litres of pure

water every day.

Morning: Red, orange,

yellow/golden foods are eaten in the morning and enhance the first, second and

third chakras.

Midday: Yellow/gold, green and

blue foods are eaten for lunch and enhance the third, forth and fifth chakras.

Evening: Blue, indigo and purple,

gold and white foods enhance the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras.

Trust your intuition for no-one knows your body

like you do. Listen to it. Eating foods by their colours is like eating a

particular colour from the sun. It brings us closer to Nature.

It is important not to be obsessive about this but

to take a sensible approach.

(Dr Gabriel Cousens)



Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, plums, red

apples, red grapes, pink grapefruit rhubarb, watermelon, tomatoes, red peppers,

radishes, chilis, kidney beans, red cabbage, red onions, beetroot, cayenne

pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, beef, lamb, liver


  • Vitamins: B vitamins
  • Minerals; Iron,

    phosphorous, potassium, kali phos.

  • Herbs :

Compatum : loosens joints

and improves circulation.

Hawthorn: increases

circulation and alleviates hardening of the arteries.

Red Clover: effective for

the menopause. Also use for skin problems.

Nasturtium: Used to treat

urinary disorders. Use as a poultice for colds and sores. Edible in salads.

Meat is the most grounding

food as it is the densest. If you are vegetarian you can often be deficient in

Vit B12. You can supplement but it is good to eat meat occasionally or fish.

Send love and gratitude to the animal before you eat it and try to buy from a

reliable supplier who farms with integrity and is concerned for the welfare of

the animal.

(Dr Gabriel Cousens)




Red will give you energy and will make you feel

warm. It arouses passion and gives courage and determination to the wearer. It

will make you feel outgoing and positive. If it makes you feel uncomfortable

wear pink or use the complementary colour of Sky blue. Use a silk or pure

cotton scarf. Cleanse your scarf once you have finished by linking into the

Light. Hold in you left hand and sweep down with your right hand asking that

all that is negative and impure be cleansed from the scarf.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are

the organs where we hold vital energy and it is often the kidneys together with

the adrenal glands, which straddle them, that become overworked and malfunction

in times of stress. Red is the colour that activates the liver to make new red

corpuscles, thus building up our entire system.

Place a red scarf over the pelvis or back. The

energy of the red ray will penetrate and boost the energy within the kidneys

and adrenals so that you can build up your reserves and replenish your immune

system. Red socks are useful if you suffer from cold feet or chilblains and

will help to move the blood around the body. Wear a red T-shirt when you go to

the gym or go jogging.





Make yourself comfortable. Try to burn incense or

essential oils. Use crystals that you will have programmed. Burn a red candle.

Sit in front of it and focus on the bright shining flame. The candle represents

your physical body whilst the flame represents the energetic body. The light

emanating from the candle is the universal life force all around you.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and

rhythmically. Let your breath flow to all parts of your body so that it relaxes

every cell. Visualise yourself walking through a sun- baked field blazing with

beautiful red flowers. Notice their vital energy. Look around and smell their

sweet, light scent. Imagine that the air you are breathing is filled with

sparkling white light and feel this filling your lungs.

Feel your base on the earth, your feet, legs,

buttocks, sitting on the lap of Mother Earth. She is holding you with love and

support. Feel her beneath you and visualise yourself growing roots down into

the centre of the earth. From these roots imagine her life force, her love and

her protection filling your body. It moves towards you, passionate and powerful

travelling with easy grace and strength. Take as much as you want.

Know that you are at one with the Earth and feel

strong, vibrant and energised. Feel yourself filling with red and feel that

warm energy flowing through your veins energising the areas you want to heal.

Fluid and relaxed, your cells drink and bask in this primal red ray. Slowly let the images recede and take a few

deep breaths.

Be still and at peace. Know that all your needs

will be met. Open your eyes and feel energised and restored. Thank Mother Earth and the Divine Source of

all That Is for their love and support.

(Caroline Shola Arewa)



Colour breathing uses the act of breathing with

the mental focus on a particular colour. Each of our centres or chakras

accumulates negativity by our thoughts and actions and by the people that we

come into contact with on a daily basis.

Try to go

somewhere quiet and peaceful and if possible be outside in the fresh air

surrounded by nature. The breath itself is coloured since the ether is

coloured. As you breathe in, imagine pulling the colour red down from the

cosmos through the top of your head. Imagine a fountain of coloured light

showering down and filling you up from the top of your head to the tips of your




This is the best all-round balancer for re-charging and re-balancing the

chakras and the aura. Try to do it first thing in the morning, barefoot if

possible, to make firm contact with Mother Earth. Close your eyes and breathe

in the appropriate colour for each chakra starting with the red centre. Breathe

red in and out for either 3 or 7 breaths imagining the red centre being bathed

with red light. Then move onto orange then yellow, then green, then sky blue,

then indigo and finally violet. When you have completed the rainbow breath, be

still for a few moments to experience the re-balancing effect. This exercise

balances and floods the centres with colour and strengthens the aura.

(June McLeod)


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©Pam Burn 2012

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