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Great grounding Tip

26 Jan, 2013

A Quick Physical Grounding Technique

What exactly does being grounded mean? An electrical device is grounded when it is connected to the ground in a way that allows excess energy to leave the system. We are physically grounded when we can feel our connection to the Earth and carry our posture, movement, and awareness in a manner that is in harmony with the Earth’s gravitational pull.

Physical Grounding Quickie:

Do the Hook-Up as described in the Daily Energy Routine (pp. 98-99).

Place your hands at the sides of your waist (at the Belt Flow) with your thumbs facing toward the front and fingers toward the back.

Slide your hands slowly and firmly down your legs.

When you get to your feet, squeeze the sides of your feet.

End by tracing up the Spleen meridian (pictured on the right and on p. 117, Figure 12).Energy Medicine Book.Note: Page numbers reference Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine

(Tarcher/Penguin, 2008)

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