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Flower Essences

1 May, 2017

Why should you consider the use of Flower Essences in your healing strategies? It’s common to focus on the physical aspects of healing because our body may be in pain and we want to make that pain go away. However, it’s equally important to pay close attention to the ever-present emotional aspects of any illness or condition. By better understanding and addressing the emotional component (alongside the physical), we can enhance and speed our physical healing.

Flower Essences are an excellent tool for blending emotional and physical healing. In a gentle yet profound way, flower essences get to the root of one’s deep emotions and bring them to the surface to be looked at. These buried, previously unacknowledged, or unresolved feelings may be part of the original cause of our current physical complaints. If we only focus on a physical cure or relief, we may be doing ourselves a disservice. What ails the body may not be fully healed unless or until we closely examine the underlying feelings. While some people may choose to go to a counsellor or psychologist to work through tough emotional issues, Flower Essences are a tool we can use independently with a therapist trained in their use.

Flower Essences Benefit the Body/Mind/Soul Connection.

While Flower Essences work primarily on the mental/emotional level, many users have shared direct benefits experienced on the physical and spiritual levels. We are unified beings, and our body/mind/spirit is connected. What is healing to one part of our being inherently helps to heal the whole. A word of caution here, however: Flower Essence remedies are not a panacea promising an instant cure. While some users report an immediate, yet subtle effect, most find that they heal gradually over the course of a few weeks or more. Subtle changes can include feeling more calm and peaceful, or perhaps feeling more open-minded and flexible. You may feel a greater sense of personal power, creativity, prosperity, or have a more positive outlook. The outcome depends on the clarity of one’s intentions and on the particular Flower Essence used.

How Flower Essences are Taken, and Dosage

Flower essences are taken internally, similar to an herbal tincture. However, flower essences are not tinctures. Similarly, they are not a form of aromatherapy (or essential oil), having no fragrance other than that of the brandy. They work vibrationally and energetically.  Whilst homeopathic remedies work more on the etheric body and then to the physical, flower essences are more esotheric working on the astral body (the emotional part of our aura) then the etheric, then the physical. The effects are therefore subtle and gentle. The typical dose is only a few drops, several times a day, or as often as desired. But don’t be fooled; they are almost homeopathic in their effect, in that a little goes a long way. A Flower Essence is extracted from a fresh flower, using particular processes, and preserved in brandy. For those who dislike the alcohol taste, they can be taken with a bit of water. Or, even better, you can put five or six drops in your water bottle and sip throughout the day. In this way, you will barely taste the alcohol, which is necessary to preserve the delicate essence.

Flower Essences are usually sold in dropper bottles. There may be a single essence in a bottle or a flower essence blend. The blends, if well-formulated, tend to be more affordable, whereas you’ll spend a lot more to purchase four to six individual essences to formulate your own blend.

Flower Essences are safe to take, and have no side effects. They can be used effectively with adults, children, animals, or even plants. They can be carried in your handbag or backpack, but shouldn’t be left in a hot place (such as you car or on a sunny windowsill). It is important to keep your essence in a cool location away from direct sunlight and away from your computer or other electro-magnetic fields. Also, keep it away from strong smelling substances, such as essential oils, camphor, deodorant, etc. If you follow the above guidelines, your essence will have a very, very long shelf life. Ironically, you can take them through airport security, and x-ray machines will not damage them. Perhaps the best known essence is Bach’s rescue remedy. People often use this for when they are stressed or fearful.

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