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Feng Shui

3 May, 2017


Everything in the universe is undergoing change and is dynamic. Everything is moving and flowing all the time. This is true of some old practises, one of them being Feng Shui. This was the ancient principle of how we can live in harmony with our environment. It advocated living in harmony with the elements and with energy lines so that we are in balance with the forces of nature. It originated in Ancient China and is the practise of analysing and enhancing our environment, so that all aspects of life, (health, finances, personal happiness, relationships, communication and our spiritual well being ) are improved. It uses knowledge of “chi” which is vital energy and is present in all things. The environment is crowded with these energy lines called the Dragons Cosmic Breath in Ancient China. They differentiated between “Sheng” chi which moves in curves and is flowing and gentle and “Sha” chi which is energy that is fast, cutting, blocked, confused or chaotic. The idea is, that by creating balance, harmony and flow in your home or work environment, this will in turn affect your life.

However, if we think about energy in terms of our environment what is it that is most important? It’s YOU. Ask yourself how you “FEEL” when you are somewhere, be it your home or the local pub. Don’t be too bound by what the books say or by rules. In Ancient times the principles were new and relevant but over time became very prescriptive. What you need to do is to develop an understanding of yourselves and what you need, want and like around you, to make you FEEL happy and fulfilled.

So today we need to learn to blend our own intuitive, diagnostic skills with the traditional principles of the Ancients that seem relevant to our lives. Our Western habitats are very different from those of the original Feng Shui practitioners. It would be very difficult to find the perfect plot of land that faced the right way. Whether the direction is north, south, east or west, or whether the location is inner city or remote mountain top; whether your  intent is business success or residential harmony, the healthy flow of vital chi (as it is in our physical bodies) is always crucial. The challenge with Feng Shui or whatever name you wish to give this art, is to balance the meridians and pathways of chi in your individual homes and offices to achieve health, prosperity and happiness. Some basic knowledge of Feng Shui will give you a bag of tools to help you produce positive results in your environment. However don’t be too bound by them but use them as a starting point. Eventually you will have the confidence and trust to just do what you feel is right. Start by making small changes, have fun with it and see what happens.

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