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Energy Tip: The Small Intestine.

24 Aug, 2012

Energy Tip

Working With Small Intestine Meridian for Better Digestion and Stronger Abs


Small Intestine meridian’s job is to help us take things into ourselves, whether a substance, experience, or new idea. Often, it makes these decisions very rapidly.  The small intestine organ’s job is to decide whether to keep what’s being digested or get rid of it. These are quick decisions, too.

If  you’re having problems discerning or deciding things quickly, or you  are having digestive difficulties, you may need to work

with Small  Intestine meridian.  This important meridian also governs the abdominal  muscles, so hip and back problems can be caused by Small Intestine meridian, as well.


If your digestive tract is sluggish, flush Small Intestine meridian and   rub the Small Intestine Neurolymphatic points on the inside of the thighs and all along the bottom of the rib cage (pp. 96-97). This helps speed the digestive process.


Exercise: To get the whole digestive system moving, trace Small Intestine meridian (pp. 115-118) and Stomach meridian (pg. 123-124) frequently.


Exercise: Strengthen abdominal muscles by tracing Small Intestine meridian forward (pp. 115-118) and doing the Crown Pull (pg. 88-90).


Note: Page numbers correlate with the book Energy Medicine (Tarchar/Penguin, 2008)


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