A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

Client Feedback

(Reiki 1 weekend attunement)

Both Kathy and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Personally I do feel that my eyes have been well and truly opened and am hungrily devouring all sorts of information about “alternatives”.  I think both days were really well structured and I enjoyed our chats about life in general.  I do think you managed to maintain a good balance between the spiritual and the earthly and the time just flew.

Pam Pearson:

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity 

“I have been to Pam several times and she never fails to give a brilliant treatment so that I leave feeling a hundred times better. She is a caring and talented therapist and nothing is too much trouble for her. I am very happy to recommend her to anyone.” June 14, 2012

Stephen McParlin:(client)

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity 

“I first came to Pam as a local massage therapist and Reiki practitioner a couple of years ago, and I was stressed out and in need of some remedial work. I have a reasonable degree of experience with therapeutic massage over the last few years, in multiple parts of the world, but Pam is up with the best, having excellent intuition and a delightfully friendly approach, coupled with one of the best-equipped and peaceful working environments I have seen.” June 14, 2012

Carina Bayley

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value 

“Pam is highly qualified and able to offer an accurate treatment programme for the individual. I love her massage skills which are really special, making a person totally relax. I have also experienced her meditation techniques to help me understand the process better – really nice within a small group. I would recommend Pam – she has a great website which explains her work far better than I can!,” June 15, 2012

Lee Cartwright:(client)

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity 

“I would highly recommend Pam as a kind, considerate, thoughtful therapist. A very caring lady who keeps her skills up to date and is truly committed to holistic care. A very special lady.” June 20, 2012

Diane Tassie:(client)

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value 

“Pam is an excellent therapist who puts in a lot of effort to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Her therapies leave you with a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, and the mix of therapy treatments and homeopathy treatments complement each other well.” June 20, 2012

Candy Clark: (client)

Top qualities: Great Results,Expert, High Integrity

“Pam is a lovely lady. Very caring and very knowledgable. Offers a wide range of therapies….  You will definitely go out feeling a lot better than when you arrived! Beautiful setting…. Would strongly recommend a visit!”

“I had been researching about Colour Therapy for a while and certainly Colour Energy Works stood out of the rest as others have said here. So I was obviously excited and curious when I went there recently (May 2010) for my first session.

Pam was very welcoming and soon after entering the pretty Cottage, we were both involved in a deep and pleasant chat as I explained my reasons to go there. She’s very calm yet surprisingly enthusiastic at times which gave me a sense that she actually does listen to her clients.

The Consultation Room is light, comfortable and displays some beautiful artworks. There’s a convenient Toilet facility for clients to use. The Therapy Room is small but very well laid out with various “tools” and objects all tidy and clean. You can’t fail to be impressed by the hanging colourful silk scarves with the white walls as background (“Just like the website photo”- I thought!).

My Colour Therapy session consisted of several elements: lights, silk scarves, crystals, colour breathing meditation etc..Before the treatment Pam explained what was going to happen as I laid down on the comfortable heated bed. The relaxing background music is very welcoming as it helps the mind to drift away from unwanted thoughts enabling one to fully enjoy the healing process.

As my first experience with a professional Colour Therapist I can say I really enjoyed it… it was very relaxing and I actually felt my back less tense during the days after and also my overall moods more positive. Pam suggested Solarised Water and so after explaining it’s benefits I happily purchased the Green one which I have been using every day since!

The Cottage and the Gardens are absolutely beautiful, you could spend a whole day there and still find new interesting features, flowers, trees..I would suggest Pam to include a photo of the Colour Energy Works building on the website as it’s so pretty and full of character.

Needless to say: I intend to go again soon! Thank you Pam!!”

– Natalia Veira.

I can highly recommend massage therapy at Colour Energy Works. Pam has enlightened me to the benefits of Hot Stone Massage and I shall definitely be booking again soon. Excellent work Pam!

– Baz Barratt.

I love coming to Pam’s Reiki share every month.I always feel so relaxed and balanced afterwards. your website looks great Pam. I look forward to a Colour Therapy workshop soon.

– Natalie Mort.

Pam is very gentle and friendly. I felt that she really listened and was able to offer me a range of nurturing treatments. the treatment room is lovely in a peaceful and calm setting. It felt like a real treat. Thanks Pam

– Jo Brown

What a wonderfully soothing website. i will be looking forward to reading about the chakras to find out more.I am very ignorant in this field, although I am trying to be open. I like the way there wasn’t too much information. I met Pam on a training course in the Silva Method (2007)and I was very impressed by her attitude and way of being. As a person with a profound disability it is still rare to find people that treat me as a real human being!She also did exceptionally well in some of the practical work we did together (tuning into energy fields). Take care and good luck Pam

– Mayo Marriot

A beautiful website which suits the therapist and her surroundings. Pam’s treatments are a wonderful blend of all her attributes and skills.She gives very generously. A wander through the grounds before or after a treatment is a joy and a pleasure to the senses.May abundance be yours Pam and all who have treatments from her.

– Jo Warner

Anyone meeting Pam for the first time will find her to be a wonderfully caring, gentle and professional person. The treatments I have had from her have been very relaxing and effective. The setting of her wonderful treatment room in the most beautiful garden is just perfect and adds another dimension to the therapy.I can’t wait to see you again for another session. all the best and good luck with your website.

– Lesley Hughes

Pam gives a very special and relaxing treatment. her approach is very gentle and caring and is heightened by the surroundings. love the website Pam wishing you good luck along with much love and light.

– Julie Batchelor

I have tried all the various treatments and can say that I have always felt invigorated and balanced by themI strongly recommend some tiome of quiet reflection and meditation in the garden. The energy and peace and healing to be found here will stay with you long after you leave.Well done Pam.

– Rod Burn http://www.tilfordcottagegarden.co.uk

I have had many treatments with Pam (my mum!)and always feel so relaxed. She really helped me to recover from a nasty fractured ankle. Massage, Reiki and paraffin wax treatments helped me to regain movement, circulation and has helped the scar to heal up very quickly.She is a talented healer and holistic therapist and is very well qualified.I love her website. Well done Pam (Mum x)

– Sophie Burn

Hi Pam, thank you for a lovely reiki share last night, it was so nice to finally come to your beautiful retreat. It was just what I needed and I will hopefully be able to start coming more regularly in the future. I went home feeling re-energised and the most relaxed I have for a long time and had a great night sleep. Thank you for my homeopathy remedy I have started taking it today and will be in touch soon to book when myself and James can come for a treatment, Lizzy x

Thanks Lizzie. It was lovely to see you too. So glad you felt relaxed and enjoyed your sleep. Look forward to seeing you again. xx

I have seen Pam twice now to help with a genetic disease, CMT1a. It is the accompanying symptoms which are problematic and, on the first visit, Pam focused on lymphatic drainage and also intuitively added other modalities as we progressed. It was pain free, enjoyable and did a lot of good for me.

The next three days, my body processed and got rid of a lot of toxic buildup. Over the weekend, I slept for most of it as my body needed the rest.

The second visit with Pam was today, 21 August 2012. I had looked into Theta Healing during the interval and realised that, while Lymphatic Drainage will help the symptoms, Theta Healing would get to the core issue which was an added gene affecting my body. This healing was also pain free and helped me get to some issues I need to address to facilitate a further healing.

I find Pam to be very open, willing to share, very intuitive and empathic. She practices from a integrative, holistic perspective which serves me well. I would recommend Pam to anyone who needs assistance with healing ~ emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Thanks, Pam for your loving energy and your willingness to help me heal. Love, light and blessings! ♥

Hi Jean

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. You are the super hero I was talking about. You are so positive and joyful in spite of your difficulties. Do be gentle on yourself and live day to day.Theta Healing is amazing and anyone can practise it. I recommend Vianna Stibal’s book. Read and learn about the beliefs that limit you and how to heal at a very deep level even if that may not mean healing your physical challenges.Bless you x

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