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Complementary Therapies and Hands on Healing in Farnham

10 Oct, 2011

More and more people are turning to Natural Therapies to aid them in their health challenges. Allopathic medicine is great for certain conditions and we wouldn't want aromatherapy when hit by a bus, but what busy doctors don't have time for or even recognise is the huge impact that our emotions and our thoughts and our beliefs have on our health.

There are a multitude of studies linking a positive optimistic attitude with an increased ability to recover from serious and even life threatening diseases. There are many techniques you can use to speed recovery from surgery. Body work such as massage, reflexology or aromatherapy can calm and soothe. Hands on healing techniques such as Reiki , Colour Therapy or Infinite Balance help with emotional as well as physical trauma. Techniques to take home with you such as The Donna Eden 5 minute Energy Balancing routine can empower you to carry on the healing work yourself. Crystals, lights and meditation help to de-stress and bring light to dark situations and sometimes help to uncover the deep cause of trauma.Theta Healing can help you to understand the root causes of beliefs and emotions that limit you living life to your full potential. Homeopathy and Essences as vibrational medicines, help to carry on the healing in a safe, gentle way at home, empowering you.

Pam is trained in numerous disciplines and so she can tailor a treatment using a variety of techniques depending on the wants and needs of the client. Come and try a bespoke treatment and take control of your own health. Or you may just want to try something new to maintain and continue your good health. The charge is £35 per hour whatever you choose, although homeopathic remedies and Essences are extra.

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