A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

Colourenergyworks Tilford Opening.

12 May, 2021

From Monday I will be opening for new clients. I will no longer be offering massage as a stand alone therapy but only as part of an energy medicine treatment. As existing clients know, I work with the individual and their unique energy to help mentor them back to a state of energetic balance thus bringing more harmony and flow into their lives. Massage or reflexology MAY be a part of this holistic process., During Lockdown I have taken the time to study Biochemisty, learning to use tissue salts to bring the chemistry of the body to a synergistic balance. This is from the work of Dr George Washington Carey and continued by Inez Eudora Perry linking these salts to your star sign. Its fascinating work.I’ve also deepened my spiritual practice following the work of Dr David Hawkins and his Levels of Consciousness. It has been a personal sadness to observe the levels of fear and anxiety that the pandemic has elicited in so many people. This fear is a very low vibration on the Scale of Consciousness and can affect the immune system which is the very system we should be building and strengthening. The energies and vibrational frequencies of Love and Compassion can protect your energetic field. Personal spiritual practices of meditation, self care, clearing the mind, EFT, Reiki and general positivity can deepen and strengthen your boundaries and immunity. Naturally this needs to be done on physical, (good nutritious, high vibrational, non processed, home grown, organic food and clear non-toxic water and supplements and herbs), mental (clear minded, positive mental attitude), Spoken (only positive loving words to self and others), emotional, (harmonious, loving energy flow for self and others), and spiritual ( a deep abiding spiritual connection to the One Source of All That Is, with Faith and Trust) is something that only a disciplined daily practice can bring. Fun and laughter and a Light hearted approach to everything can build your energetic reserves helping you to be more resilient and fortified to the negative energies out there!

I’ve also read and put into practice the work on the power of the spoken word from Florence Scovel Shinn. I may well run a workshop on this work incorporating some creative aspects and meditation in order to help manifest good positive flow in your life.

I realise this is a tall order as we move into The Age of Aquarius and we can all stumble and fall at times. I can help you to understand your unique energy flow and give you practical tools to empower yourself and move towards healing and balance. This is because I’ve spent the last 17 years working on understanding my self and healing my own internal wounds. This plus my knowledge on what works especially during such extraordinary times.

If you feel that I can help mentor you do feel free to ring for a personal chat to see if this resonates. I charge £50 for the first session which includes a free 15 minute consultation. Thereafter you pay for the time you wish to have.

Do ring or text 07889200061.





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