A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.


Reiki 1 attunement

I am having a Reiki 1 attunement here next week. Monday and Tuesday 10am to 2pm. Cost £125 which includes a workbook and ongoing mentoring. Please contact me for more details and if you would like to learn how to use this beautiful therapy and healing in your life....

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Fairy grotto Tilford Cottage Garden

I have spent the past few weeks involving myself in the garden doing what I do best.... Interfering! I enjoy sweeping, clearing, weeding, tidying, creating and suggesting changes. We now have a beautiful seating area outside Rods studio where we can sit with a glass...

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Essence Workshop in June Colourenergyworks.

I would love to run a one day essence workshop in June. I could run it on 12th June, 17th June or 27th June (fnew moon). You would learn about the healing power of essences, how water is a magical healing substance, and how to make your own essence within the healing...

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Pricing at Colourenergyworks.co.uk

I find it easier to charge for my time than to make different charges for various treatments. Treatments tend to be holistic so different therapies are suggested to help you to become more balanced. I charge £40 per hour. You can choose the duration and please let me...

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Astrological challenges in April.

This month will be a challenging time with the Grand Cross and the new and full moon in April. It is worth exploring what this means and there are some good web sites out there such as Steve Judd astrologer and universal life tools based in Australia. The theme is...

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Updated website.

I have been quiet for some time due to the awful winter weather and having no internet or phone for a while. Then I went in search of the sun to top up my Vitamin D levels! I'm now back from Spain and excited to announce my new look website! The format has changed...

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Colourenergyworks are back online

After 7 weeks with no phone or internet connection we are back in action. There have been some exciting developments here in Tilford. The cottage where I work has had a bit of a make over with a beautiful new courtyard, new windows and fresh paint. It just makes it...

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Treatment Gift Vouchers for Christmas Farnham

Why not buy a loved one a gift voucher to use in the New Year. I am giving a special offer too. Buy one hour and it will be £35 but if you buy a bundle of 4 hours or more the cost will be £30 per hour saving you money. You can then split the vouchers and give them as...

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Simple Herbal Preparations – Try It Yourself!

Making your own herbal preparations is not only fun, but can be acost-effective way to use the healing power of herbs for both yourmind and body. Some of these herbal concoctions do require acertain degree of time and skill, but there are lots of simple remediesyou can make yourself, including teas, syrups, and tinctures. Youmay need to do a bit of research to know which are herbs are mosteffective for your ailments, but soon you’ll be on your way to makingyour own herbal preparations with…

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Herbal Recipes

Making your own herbal products is easy and rewarding. It is apractical way to avoid harmful substances and it helps to contributeto a healthier world. You will need to make some allowances forthe fact that these are homemade products.

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