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Loving Yourself

LOVING YOURSELF. ©Pam Burn of Colourenergyworks.co.ukWhat does this mean and why is it so important? The following is a paraphrase of what this means written by Deepak Chopra the spiritual teacher, in his book “The Path to Love .”When we are searching for romance or love in our lives it usually indicates that we are searching to find ourselves on a higher spiritual level. We may not yet have found ourselves or love ourselves.

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Colour Therapy and Essential Oils for Balance

Colour Therapy© and Essential oils. (This information is not intended to diagnose ot treat anyone. If you share this in any way please acknowledge this website and my input. It is for your education only. Please do not reproduce) The beneficial influence of colour has...

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The Beginning

“WHERE have I come from, where did you pick me up?” the baby asked its mother.She answered half crying, half laughing, and clasping the baby to her breast, “You were hidden in my heart as its desire, my darling.You were in the dolls of my childhood’s games; and when with clay I made the image of my god every morning, I made and unmade you then.You were enshrined with our household deity, in his worship I worshipped you.In all my hopes and my loves, in my life, in the life of my mother you have l…

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The Principles of Homeopathy

The Whole Person Mind and body are not separate but are a whole organism.  Homeopathy treats the whole person – on the mental and emotional level as well as the physical.The Vital Force There is a life energy, or vital force, that always strives to bring the living organism back into balance and health.  Homeopathic remedies stimulate this life force, or immune system, to bring about healing.Susceptibility Disease or illness takes a hold when we are susceptible to …

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 Love is patient, love is kind,It does not envy,It does not boast,It is not proud,It is not rude,It is not self-seeking,It is not easily angered,It keeps no record of wrongs,Love does not delight in evil,But rejoices in the truth,It always protects,Always trusts,Always hopes,Always perseveres.

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Random Acts of Kindness

Another story to remind us that we can’t always know how we touch peoples’ lives and that the smallest gesture or random act of kindness can make a huge difference to someone.The Cab Ride     I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I walked to the door and knocked. ‘Just a minute’, answered a frail, elderly voice.

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The Rainbow Breath

This should be done sitting or standing outside in nature where we can feel most connected to the Earth. It is best done in the morning. Rainbow Breathing recharges, re-balances and harmonises our chakras, strengthens our aura and unleashes our own healing power especially if it is done every day.

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Crabby Old Woman

 When an old lady died in the geriatric ward of a small hospital near Dundee, Scotland, it was believed that she had nothing left of any value. Later, when the nurses were going through her meagre possessions, they found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital.

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The Spleen Meridian

Energy Tip:Working with Spleen Meridian(Page numbers refer to the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.)Spleen meridian deals with metabolism. Metabolism is often taken for granted, but it is more vital to health than is sometimes recognized. It doesn’t matter if a particular food contains the best nutrients on the good green Earth.

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What is Beauty?

What does it take in our culture, I wonder, for a woman to feel beautiful?Audrey Hepburn somehow managed to retain her ideal weight throughout her entire adult life — surely a magical feat that only a goddess could pull off!After she retired as a ‘super-star’, she became a tireless volunteer and advocate for the suffering children of the world. View photographs and read the story of her life at:  Audrey Hepburn.Audrey Hepburn read these words to her son on Christmas Eve 1992, a month before…

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