A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

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Spring Event – ‘The Natural Pharmacy’

'The Natural Pharmacy' an Energy Workshop presented by Pam Burn from Colour Energy Works Pam has trained in various energy medicine modalities over the last 15 years. 'The Natural Pharmacy' workshop will teach you energy anatomy including chakras and meridians. Alongside this you will learn practical tools and techniques to keep your energy flowing.

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Physiokey Treatment for natural pain management.

WHAT IS THE PHYSIOKEY:The physiokey is a transcutaneous electro stimulator with an individual dosing function. It is intended for delivering non-invasive therapy to the body’s physiological systems via skin areas, in order to provide pain relief and functional restoration, as well as ‘Key-phoresis’, a form of iontophoresis.The device generates low and medium frequency bipolar electric pulses. The shape of the bipolar electric pulses dynamically varies with the changing electrop…

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Space Clearing and Feng Shui of your home or office. Tilford, Farnham

I was recently called to space clear a home of a client who had endured a spate of negative experiences including a car accident, arguments with neighbours, legal issues, money issues and ill health. Just as we seek to find balance and harmony in our physical bodies so too do we need to do this is our living/working environments. This is all energy work.

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Tilford Cottage Garden NGS opening

We are opening this Saturday for a group of garden enthusiasts from Holland. If you would like to come please ring us. Usually we ask for a minimum of 6 people but if we are opening anyway we would welcome more for the charity.

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Pure Collection Birthday Event: Thursday 4th May

Crafted from the world’s finest cashmere, Pure Collection offers timeless luxe pieces with a beautifully understated British twist.Come and celebrate our second birthday with us in Guildford Surrey and treat yourself to a little pampering.Enjoy our special birthday offer of £25 off all cashmere over £100Browse the summer collection with a glass of champagne and cake for every customerThere will be exclusive goody bags for the first 30 customersThe focus of the day will be all a…

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Healing first aid kit for Winter

I’m putting together a kit for my grown up kids who have both suffered with flu this year and who realise now that proprietry drugs you buy from the pharmacy simply suppress symptoms and don’t support your body to ” heal” Dr mercolas site is an amazing resource but I also recommend the following sites.For supplements prime directive from safe remedies, Life drink from Terra Nova, supplements from Robert RedfernHerbs from the amazing Alan Hopking and Herb active and Tonic herbs from Lionhearted h…

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Blue Lights in Rail stations.

A rather exciting morning! Ive just been interviewed by Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire. Network Rail have decided to put blue lights into their stations to help prevent suicide attempts. Blue is a calming and soothing colour and whilst you may not use it...

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