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Astrological challenges in April.

2 Apr, 2014

This month will be a challenging time with the Grand Cross and the new and full moon in April. It is worth exploring what this means and there are some good web sites out there such as Steve Judd astrologer and universal life tools based in Australia. The theme is Change and this can be viewed as beneficial or difficult! Read about your sign on Steve Judd’s site. Knowledge is power and if we have a greater wider understanding of what the bigger picture is , it can help us to be more centred and empowered to face our own challenges and changes. What may seem to be difficult can be viewed as a positive later if we have a higher perspective. Remember though that the death of the old can be the birth of the new! I’ll write more on this theme over the coming month. In the meantime have a look at the changes to my website! New pics and new articles plus new info on my essences which I am excited to introduce.All of this is thanks to Dave Cox (photographer.)

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