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Alternative Therapy or Complementary Therapy?

1 Nov, 2011

People often get confused about these terms. Alternative Therapy seems to imply that you would choose to use natural therapies solely and to opt out of the allopathic medical world. On the other hand complementary therapy seems to imply that you would choose to add on Natural Therapies to your current allopathic approach, hopefully with the blessing of your doctor! Perhaps a better term would be Integrated medicine which would suggest that you choose to use the best of both worlds.This has to be a balancing act as some of the principles clash. Whatever approach an individual chooses is what is best for them. Everyone is responsible for their own healing and cannot put this onto the shoulders of anyone else.Conventional Doctors can give you drugs but they cannot be responsible for the attitudes you have or the thoughts you think! Positivity is key and there are many natural approaches that aid healing such as visualisation and meditation. Personally I choose a natural approach for my own health using herbs, supplements, homeopathy and essences, massage and a good dose of sunshine and laughter to help me to heal. Reiki helps you to feel lighter and is a natural and free energy system. So far so good!

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