A healing environment set within the peaceful tranquility of Tilford Cottage gardens.

Holistic healing therapy: restore balance and wellness

Ancient methods of healing throughout the world view the human system as multi dimensional: beyond our physical state we are fuelled by a powerful life force. This is know by different cultures as Chi, Prana or Ki.

How can Holistic Therapies help?

It is natural for us to experience testing times. Through conflict and confusion we gain clarity, gain strength and insight, learning more about ourselves and how to relate more effectively with others. But when the scales are tipped too far and our natural ability to return to a state of balance is impaired, we need to find ways to stimulate a return to harmony and health. In embracing the whole being, holistic healing helps not only to relieve the symptoms of disease but is also concerned with reaching root conditions to effect real change and to bring the entire system back to balance.

In addressing the subtle energetic systems together with physical, mental and emotional levels, the practice of holistic healing encourages return to an overall state of equilibrium whilst also building the inner strength needed to respond effectively and positively to all of life’s challenges.

By giving ourselves time to focus on the “inner life”, to tune into and express any conflicts we might have whether at a physical, a mental or an emotional level, we encourage the release of tensions and allow energy to flow freely around our systems, regaining strength and health and a richer sense of self.

By becoming more conscious, more aware of who we are and the forces that are motivating us, we can exercise greater choices in our actions, allowing ourselves freedom to express ourselves fully and find fulfilment in all areas of our lives. If we trust the healing process and can be relaxed and open to the healing energy, the process of becoming well is greatly facilitated. Every person is unique and will respond to energy work in a unique way.

During a session what will I experience?

Healing energy can be experienced in different ways, sometimes as warmth, sometimes as a gentle coolness or a slight tingling and sometimes no sensation is felt at all, other than the pleasant feeling of calm restfulness, peace and general well-being.

The therapist simply acts as an enabler or facilitator for the healing energy to flow through to the person receiving the treatment.

Can I receive holistic therapies whilst receiving other treatments?

Holistic treatments address the whole system and are compatible with other forms of treatment. It is always advisable for any patient to seek advice from their GP where any medical condition exists.

Medical disclaimer

In no way is the following information intended to replace the advice of a medical practitioner. Please consult with a doctor if you are at all concerned about your health. The therapies described here are complementary with allopathic medicine.

If you wish to know any more regarding any of the above therapies, or to book an appointment, contact Pam. 

Energy Medicine
is where the client is taught self help energy techniques involving the chakras and meridians to create good health in their own lives.
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is the vital life energy that flows through all living things, which can be activated for the purpose of healing.
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Colour Therapy
is based on the ancient art of using colour and light to treat disease.
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